GIS Support

  • Design data management for contractors, engineers and developers.
  • Design and construction quantity calculations for bid line items and contractor payments.
  • analysis of design data for conflict resolution.
  • design drawing compilations and exhibit preparation for construction .
  • gis data management, and map creation. 
  • Construction progress tracking visualization.
  • Mobile GIS For:
    • Specimen Tree Monitoring
    • Rough Grade Certification
    • Irrigation Meter Placement

Design & Construction Survey

  • Construction Staking for Caltrans, and County highway projects.
  • Construction staking for residential and commercial Developments.
  • Property and boundary surveys.
  • Survey construction management for large civil projects.
  • Topographic, as-built, and settlement surveys.


Aerial Drone Services

  • construction progress reporting.


2d & 3d Design Takeoffs and Modeling

  • Construction logistics analysis.
  • Potential design Conflict Analysis.
  • Mass Excavation Earthwork. 
  • Proposal Remedial Topography.
  • As-Built Remedial Topography. 
  • GPS Machine Control Design Finish Grade Modeling.
  • Project Pre, Progress and Post Construction Quantity Calculations.
  • Interim Design Concepts.